BioFoam achieves Product Carbon Neutrality

Synbra Technology has finalised the certification of the world’s first particle foam to receive Carbon Neutrality verification in compliance with the PAS 2060 standard.

Unlike any other particle foam on the market, only CO2 (taken from the atmosphere) is used as a blowing agent. No VOCs are emitted during production. BioFoam® is a certified food-approved material.


BioFoam®, which is fully bio-based, was the first foam to be awarded the Cradle to CradleCM certificate. It has also received a material health certificate from EPEA -Hamburg certifying that BioFoam is free from any CMR substance. Without addition of a flame retardant it meets the Euro class E fire standard.

Figure: Carbon footprint in ton of CO2 per ton of polymer of some packaging products in their end use application; Source Plastics Europe and Synbra.


The statement is valid up to 31st December 2018. 

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