airpop® - Eight European RawMaterial Suppliers support airpop®

airpop® - Eight European RawMaterial Suppliers support airpop®

BAD HOMBURG / MAASEIK, 08 July 2015 – Eight European EPS Raw Material Suppliers are now supporting airpop®, the new umbrella brand for EPS which already has been introduced in 16 European markets. BEWI Styrochem, Jackon, INEOS, Sunpor, Synbra, Unipol, Total and Versalis show their commitment by integrating the airpop co-branding concept in their company’s communication.

"In Europe, here have been a lot of names for the same material. We are now promoting one name for an intelligently engineered packaging and insulation material made of 98% air. Co-ordinated by EUMEPS, the industry developed an umbrella branding, design and communication concept for the European market. The roll-out is being supported by Europe's major raw material suppliers and their customers. The reactions so far have been very encouraging,“ says Eric Faes, Director of the Styrenics Chain in Cefic/PlasticsEurope.

The EPS industry introduced the new European name for EPS in 2014: airpop®
engineered air. airpop® protects what needs to be protected: your children’s heads, TV sets, fresh fish and thousands of other products. airpop® easily provides sustainable and affordable construction and insulation by keeping material costs, weight, CO2 emissions and heating costs low.

The airpop® campaign is a joint initiative of EUMEPS, the European Manufacturers of EPS, of European airpop® converters, of their respective National EPS Associations and of European EPS raw material producers.

airpop® represents a downstream industry of ca. 600 mainly small and medium sized converters in Europe processing about 1.300.000 tons of raw material into airpop®
products. The main applications are building and construction parts as well as packaging parts.

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In 1989, the European Manufacturers of Expanded Polystyrene have merged together into a European association called EUMEPS. Since then EUMEPS reflects the interests of all of Europe’s leading EPS manufacturers through national associations.
There are two interest groups within the organization: EUMEPS Power Parts and EUMEPS Construction.

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