Synterra IM high heat resistant and non-GMO PLA polymer wins Blue Tulip award

Etten-Leur, the Netherlands, November 11, 2011 - By mixing 100% pure PLLA with 100% PDLA, a fast cycle and heat-resistant injection mouldable PLA with very good temperature and impact properties is made that far exceeds the properties of the individual polymers. With a Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) of 123°C Synterra® IM material performs much better than conventional PLA and the impact strength is comparable to that of ABS. After injection molding the IM material is able to withstand boiling water. With this development Synbra Technology sets a step in developing a new generation of high performance biopolymers.

The polymerization of the optical isomers PLLA and PDLA takes place at Synbra Technology
in Etten-Leur, in a plant with a capacity of 5,000 t / annum, which was commissioned early

Synbra Technology expects further growth in its PLA business as many brand-owners and
retailers in Western Europe prefer to use bio-based and non-GMO PLA that is also heatresistant.
Shortly after introducing its Synterra® IM material, an injection mouldable high heat PLA,
Synbra Technology was awarded at the Accenture Blue Tulip Awards at the RAI Elicium, in

"This Blue Tulip Award in the category ‘Making more out of less’ is the ultimate reward for the
entire team that participated in the successful development of our Synterra® IM grade, which is
made from Cradle to CradleSM certified PLA," said Peter Matthijssen, Commercial Manager of
Synbra Technology.

In recognition of the purity of the raw materials used, the PLA of Synbra was Cradle to
CradleSM certified by EPEA in Hamburg and is thus the first PLA in the world with this
certification. Application of this PLA also improves various properties such as toughness and
temperature resistance of several other bio-based recipes, in which PLA is an important

Ress Release 2011 11 Synterra Im High Heat Resistant And Non Gmo Pla Polymer

Synterra® grade IM (left) and traditional PLA (right) after immersion in boiling water (High resolution photos available on request).

About Synbra Technology bv
Synbra Technology is part of Synbra holding and provides an important contribution to
innovation and new product development. Synbra Holding has a leading position in Europe on
Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) insulation for energy-saving building systems (Sustainable
Insulation Systems) and for industrial applications (Industrial Products & Solutions) for a wide
variety of markets. With approximately 1,400 employees it realises a turnover of € 300 million
and has sites in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Denmark, United Kingdom and Portugal.
A recent example of the innovations of the Synbra group is BioFoam ®.
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About the Accenture Innovation Awards
Accenture awards annually several Innovation Awards to companies that show outstanding
innovative performance and attempt to make this publicly known as well as within the industry.
A professional jury evaluates concepts on its merits in terms of innovation, success and
potential. For all sectors, more than a thousand concepts were submitted to compete for one of
the Accenture Innovation Awards.
Several categories are reviewed during the Innovation Awards Event. Synbra's entry
participated in the Consumer Products & Agri and won the category “Making more out of less”.

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