Capraia Smart Island - Worlds’ first compostable fish box made from BioFoam 17-5-2018 Capraia Smart Island, all ready for the second meeting on the Tuscan Archipelago - To revive an ambitious 360-degree circular economy project
BEWI's acquisition of Synbra finalized – strengthens its European position as the preferred partner for particle foam products 14-5-2018 Today, BEWi Group AB (publ) (“BEWi”) completed the acquisition of Synbra Holding B.V. (“Synbra”).
Bioplastics packaging waste - Hot composting at home now made possible 26-10-2017 The hot composting bin was originally pioneered by DS Smith in the UK. The essence is that an EPP bin, which is sturdy and insulating, works much better than all other bins made from roto-moulded and but poorly insulating PE.
World's first 100% PLA fully biodegradable high heat BioFoam drinking cup 13-10-2017 Synbra is pround to announce the launch of the world's first 100% PLA fully biodegradable high heat (boiling water resistant) drinking cups made with BioFoam particle foam.
BioFoam achieves Product Carbon Neutrality 22-9-2017 Synbra Technology has finalised the certification of the world’s first particle foam to receive Carbon Neutrality verification in compliance with the PAS 2060 standard.
New recycling bag introduced for airpop® in the Netherlands 10-5-2017 As of today the collection bag for recycling airpop® in the Netherlands has a new look. The airpop® logo is now printed on the bag.
New website for PolyStyreneLoop Foundation 28-2-2017 The PolyStyreneLoop Foundation is a non-profit organisation under Dutch law, focussing on the operational implementation of a circular economy. The Foundation's key project is to build and to operate a large-scale demonstration plant that provides a sustainable, closed-loop route for the recycling of polystyrene (PS) insulation foam waste and for the recovery of bromine. The planned demonstration plant will be built at the ICL-IP site in Terneuzen, and will work with a physio-chemical polymer dissolution process, like the CreaSolv® Technology.
BioFoam: The first CO2 neutral foam in the world 26-1-2017 Synbra Technology bv is currently finalizing the certification of the world’s first particle foam to receive a Carbon Neutrality verification in compliance with the PAS 2060 standard. BioFoam® is a fully bio-based particle foam made from renewable resources. BioFoam® is a PLA based foam. Already starting up in 2006, Synbra Technology invented, developed and patented this unique material. Through its converting companies, Synbra Group wants to become the leading supplier of sustainable and biodegradable particle foam.
PolyStyreneLoop Newsletter October 2016 29-9-2016 The PolyStyreneLoop Foundation is a non-profit organization set up under Dutch law. Its objective is to bring a significant contribution to the implementation of a circular economy, by demonstrating via a large-scale demo plant a closed-loop route for the recycling of PS (polystyrene) insulation waste foam and the recovery of bromine.
Synterra PLA via 11-8-2016 As from today small quantities of Synterra PLA (25-100kg) kan be purchased via
Greeny wins Bio-Based Product of the Year (Europe) 2016 27-5-2016 At the inaugural Bio-Based Innovation Awards (Europe) Synbra Technology bv received the Bio-Based Product of the Year (Europe) 2016 for the 'Greeny' a new line of Ice containers made from BioFoam and recently launched In Italy.
Creasolv® Plant engineering Commissioned 23-5-2016 Basic engineering for the demo plant, that is earmarked to be built at the premises of ICL-IP in Terneuzen, the Netherlands, has been commissioned and will be carried out by engineering company EPC Engineering Consulting GmbH in Alzenau, Germany and the proprietary solvents will be supplied by CreaCycle® GmbH in Grevenbroich, Germany under license from Fraunhofer- IVV.
Synbra Technology bv is now ISO 26000 compliant 25-4-2016 In addition to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Synbra Technology bv is now ISO 26000 compliant
New Ice-cream container 23-1-2016 At the SIGEP Exhibition in Rimini, Italy (23-27 January 2016) a new line of ice-cram containers made from BioFoam has been introduced by the companies Erremme (Foligno, Italy) and Domogel (Costa di Mezzate, Italy). They are two of the leading producers of ice-cream packaging in Italy. The BioFoam containers are produced by Synprodo (Wijchen - The Netherlands).
Mr. Guido Wyss appointed sales representative for Italy, Switzerland and Austria 4-1-2016 As from the 1st of January 2016 Mr. Guido Wyss has been appointed sales representative for Styrex Airpop in Italy, Switzerland and Austria.
Demo plant for sustainable recycling of airpop® containing HBCDD including bromine recovery 28-10-2015 Non–profit foundation under Dutch law “PolyStyrene Loop” takes a proactive initiatives to build a demonstration plant by 2018 for sustainable recycling of End of Life airpop® containing HBCDD including bromine recovery using the latest technologies available supporting the circular economy.
Press release - European RawMaterial suppliers join Airpop 8-7-2015 BAD HOMBURG / MAASEIK, 08 July 2015 – Eight European EPS Raw Material Suppliers are now supporting airpop®, the new umbrella brand for EPS which already has been introduced in 16 European markets. BEWI Styrochem, Jackon, INEOS, Sunpor, Synbra, Unipol, Total and Versalis show their commitment by integrating the airpop co-branding concept in their company’s communication.
Zandonella wins Bioplastics Award 2014 3-12-2014 Two winners were honored at the presentation of the Annual Global Bioplastics Award, which, in accordance with tradition, took place at the close of the first day of the annual European Bioplastics Conference.
Press release - TECNIQ & SYNBRA Introduce Biom 2-10-2013 SAN DIEGO, California and ETTEN-LEUR, Netherlands (October 2, 2013) — TECNIQ LLC, a leading developer of environmentally conscious materials and products, and SYNBRA BV, leading innovators in expanded rigid foam technology, announced today the creation of the worlds first certified 100% biodegradable and 99% bio-based surfboard foam.
Press Release - Synterra® IM high heat resistant and non-GMO PLA polymer wins Blue Tulip award 11-11-2011 Etten-Leur, the Netherlands, November 11, 2011 - By mixing 100% pure PLLA with 100% PDLA, a fast cycle and heat-resistant injection mouldable PLA with very good temperature and impact properties is made that far exceeds the properties of the individual polymers. With a Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) of 123°C Synterra® IM material performs much better than conventional PLA and the impact strength is comparable to that of ABS. After injection molding the IM material is able to withstand boiling water. With this development Synbra Technology sets a step in developing a new generation of high performance biopolymers.
BioFoam - Dutch Construction Award 9-2-2011 Synbra Technology and IsoBouw Systems received the Dutch Construction prize for 2011 in the category construction materials and systems for the introduction of BioFoam Insulation. The prize was awarded by the jury for the usability as a building material with a low environmental impact and the possibility of full degradation. The jury describes the project as an exemplary and inspiring initiative. Thay also particular appreciate the compressive strength of the material and overall quality.
Synprodo receives 'The Bronzen Noot' for BioFoam crates 31-10-2010 ‘The Bronzen Noot’ was awarded by the NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre for the development of BioFoam crates. BioFoam is the first 100% compostable expanded polystyrene (EPS) with properties that are comparable to the properties of conventional EPS. It can be used to produce biodegradable packages.
Synbra Technology bv No. 1 in the Innovation Top 100 award 25-5-2010 For the 5th time Syntens, the innovation network for entrepreneurs, business magazine BIZZ and the Duth Patent Office presented The Innovation Top 100, a ranking of 100 Dutch innovations. Synbra Technology bv is ranked number 1 for the development of BioFoam.
Press release: BioFoam The first PLA based product in the world with Cradle to Cradle certification 15-12-2009 Synbra has received the Cradle to Cradle certification for the production of BioFoam. This is world’s first Poly-Lactid Acid (PLA) based product and world’s first bio-based foamed product to receive this certification.
Synbra receives NRK prima ondernemen award 22-1-2009 On the 21st of January Synbra was awarded the prestigious Gold ‘NRK PRIMA ondernemen award’ by the Dutch rubber and plastics association. Bata Nederland (Silver) and Kras recycling (Bronze) also received awards.

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