Synterra PLA

In 2011 the first plant to use a new polymerization technology for PLA that was developed by Sulzer Chemtech and Purac Biochem and built by Synbra Technology in the Netherlands has started industrial production of Synterra® PLA grades. In this way Synbra Technology has secured an integrated raw material stream for the further development of BioFoam® E-PLA; a foamed product made from this PLA. The new plant has a capacity of 5.000 ton/year: it is using L & D Lactides from Purac, produced from GMO-free plant feedstock, 100% bio based.

To support the further development of BioFoam®, Synbra Technology will produce several commercial PLA grades for various applications as compounding, injection moulding, extrusion, etc. Synterra® PLA is called a 2nd generation PLA due to its High Temperature Resistance properties. With this move Synbra intends to take a leading position in Europe as supplier of sustainable and biologically degradable polymers from renewable sources.
Synbra has received the Cradle to Cradle Silver certification for the production of BioFoam® & Synterra®. This is the world's first Poly-Lactic Acid (PLA) based product and world's first bio-based foamed product to receive this certification.


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