BioFoam Moulded products

Moulded BioFoam is

  • C2C Silver Awarded since March 2011 BioFoam PLA , new scrutiny passed May 2015
  • Lowest VOC emission  in foams in automotive applications
  • BioFoam has a Werkstoff number 7W0175
  • Certified non GMO
  • Certified compostable 


The strategy will be that Synbra focusses on material development, pre-expansion and coating and that its sister companies, initially Synprodo and later IsoBouw, Styropack and Plastimar will be involved in production of the BioFoam moulded parts.

With a fully equipped technicum Synbra  is able to mould any development series,  but the 3 shifts in shape moulding is carried out by sister companies. In a transition phase  the supply of expanded beads is provided by Synbra. This model is also  adopted for the Synbra territories; The Netherlands, Germany,  Denmark  and Portugal, but is open for discussion with interested parties  for other geographies, like other continents and other European countries.

First moulded BioFoam part


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