Synbra Technology bv started the manufacture of cork insulation on the 9th of January 1957. After several years of production on the Geerkade at the village of Leur Synbra Technology bv moved its production location to an old flax factory at Zwartenberg to produce and burn cork. In the early years the cork was transported to the site by horse and cart. In November 1961 Synbra Technology bv moved to a new production facility on the same industrial site. At that moment more than 4 million kg's of cork was being produced. The production of cork was discontinued in 1975 as Synbra Technology bv transformed its entire production to EPS beads.

The manufacturing of Airpop (EPS - expandable polystyrene) commenced in 1967. Turnover gradually grew over the years mainly because of more demand for insulation material. By 1973 a full polymerization factory was founded with a capacity of 5.000 tons of Airpop per year. To meet the requirements of the growth within the Synbra Holding this production capacity has steadily been expanded and especially over the last few years. Further growth is expected and formal requirements (environmental permits) have been acquired.

In 2011 a new step was made with the polymerization of PLA, leading to range of E-PLA BioFoam products that are since then sold complementary to its Airpop products.

In 2012 radio wave absorbing and conductive Airpop was developed. 

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