About Synbra Technology

About Synbra Technology

Synbra Technology bv in Etten-Leur, The Netherlands, is specialised in the manufacture of Styrex® Airpop beads (EPS- Expandable polystyrene), BioFoam® Expandable Polylactic acid (PLA) and PLA Compounds. The company was founded in 1957 and EPS polymerisation started in 1973. EPS recycling commenced in 1993. BioFoam production was started up in 2009 and PLA polymerisation commenced in 2011.

Mission statement

Synbra Technology intends to be the preferred supplier within the Synbra Group of standard EPS beads and also to be the preferred supplier of a range of external EPS converters. Synbra Technology aims to be materials development centre for the Synbra Group, developing a selective amount of special types of particle foam EPS beads and BioFoam beads, whilst maintaining and strengthening its skills base in polymerisation, coating technology, X-EPS extrusion and related processing know-how.


Quality and commitment

Quality and consistency have been the foundation of our success, and the investment we have made in the laboratories as well as the factories demonstrates that philosophy.

We are certified according to ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2015.

Besides standard quality controls Synbra Technology is also equipped to serve as the R&D centre of the Synbra Group. State-of-the-art pre-foaming and moulding machines support our innovative character, resulting in new materials like patented DMAS radio wave absorber EPS and BioFoam. Our experience in EPS and PLA is the base for developing new materials for the future.

Over the years Synbra Technology has educated and guided many students and is a certified educational company.

  • Laboratory technology
  • Environmental technology
  • Process technology
  • Vapro-d
  • Vapro HBO-CT
  • We support the Dutch top sector Chemie with scholarships in 2012-2015  and with Master student grants  in 2015


Sustainability with substance

Synbra Technology will ensure that her products have a beneficial impact throughout their whole life. We will source sustainable raw materials, use durable energy and energy efficient processes, develop long-life and low maintenance products, and we stimulate to recycle, reclaim and re-use products at the end of their initial life.


Social responsibilities

Synbra Technology wants her business to have a positive effect on those we deal with - not least our customers, our workforce and our suppliers. We aim to build a reputation as an honest and ethical trading partner, great employer and responsible neighbour, guided by the Global Sullivan principles and according to the SA 8000 standard, as well as according to the ISO 26000 standard.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has long been part of the norms and values of Synbra Technology bv. To emphasize this Synbra Technology bv decided beginning of 2016 to use ISO 26000 as a guideline. This international standard makes it possible to integrate CSR in the management of Synbra Technology bv. ISO 26000 has found a solid founded umbrella for CSR initiatives which Synbra Technology bv has integrated. Synbra Technology bv participated in the initiative of the NRK (Dutch rubber and plastics industry federation) in collaboration with Berenschot and the NEN organization to comply in a practical way with the directive ISO 26000 by preparing a declaration of compliance. This declaration of compliance and reference matrix (both in Dutch) are prepared in accordance with NEN-NPR 9026.

None of Synbra's suppliers may use child labour or forced labour, and they must provide a living wage to their employees, and Synbra may audit its suppliers to verify compliance.  The management procedures of the supply chain company must include a supply chain code of conduct integrated into supplier contracts, that at its term also prohibits child and forced labour, requires that a living wage be paid, and allows for unannounced audits.



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