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Standard EPS product range

Styrex ® Airpop bead are produced in Regular (406RC, 607RC, 607RC, 710RC, 1012RC) and Flame retardant grades (607FM, 710FM and 1016FM).

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Synbra Technology bv

Synbra Technology bv intends to be the preferred supplier within the Synbra Group of standard Airpop beads and also to be the preferred supplier of a range of external Airpop converters. Synbra Technology bv aims to be the materials development center for the Synbra Group, developing a selective amount of special types of Airpop beads and BioFoam beads whilst maintaining and strengthening its skills base in polymerization, coating technology, X-EPS extrusion and related processing know-how.


Our customers supply in the sector of Industrial Products and Packaging Solutions such as Synprodo, Styropack Denmark and Plastimar Portugal, as well as in the sector of Sustainable Insulation Systems with companies like IsoBouw GmbH, IsoBouw Systems and Styrolit.

Over the years Synbra Technology bv (together with Group companies and external converters) has received many awards for product and process innovation.

Synbra has received the Cradle to Cradletm certification for the production of BioFoam®. This is world's first Poly-Lactic Acid (PLA) based product and world's first bio-based foamed product to receive this certification. Also the PLA itself has been awarded a C2C certification, making it worlds first PLA that has obtained this coveted recognition.

Being produced from the renewable resource PLA, BioFoam® is an addition to the current range of advanced Airpop products offered today. BioFoam® has a different environmental profile over traditional oil based plastics. After use, the BioFoam® product can be remoulded into a new product like Airpop and it has additional end of life options. It can be completely biodegraded, composted or used for feedstock for recycling. Being ‘designed for the environment' implies there is no chemical waste, which complies with the so called ‘Cradle to Cradle' principles.

Synbra Technology bv has finalized the certification of the world’s first particle foam for a Carbon Neutrality verification in compliance with the PAS 2060 standard.

Synbra Technology is always looking for novel ways of recycling and has participated in the 2003-2005 green loop recycling and is now a proud partner of Polystyrene Loop Coöperatief U.A. The PolystyreneLoop initiative is funded through the entire value chain, is supported with a loan from RABO bank and has received a grant under the umbrella of the EU initiated LIFE Subsidy program, the project is known under LIFE-PSLoop LIFE16ENV/NL/000271.

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